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Tsumani Debris Cleanup featured in Tribune

ecoslo1On March 20, The Tribune's David Sneed published an article about ECOSLO's Tsumani Debris cleanup at Montana Del Oro.  Click here to read the article!

SLO Stewards

GetOutAndHike01  smallOur current contract with the City of San Luis Obispo provides a unique opportunity to educate the community about the importance of open space. The contract allows us to orchestrate trail maintenance workdays and host ECOSLO docent led hikes. The collaborative efforts also manifests in a tri-annual newsletter called “SLO Stewards” that ECOSLO creates on behalf of the City of San Luis Obispo Natural Resources Department. In times of budget cuts, both the County and City have come to rely on ECOSLO staff time and volunteers to support park and trail projects.

To support ECOSLO efforts with the City of SLO become a member or join our mailing list. Or join us at a workday by checking our calendar for upcoming events.

Read more: SLO Stewards

Adopt a Trail or Park

San Luis Obispo County Parks provides over 50 miles of trails for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, with more yet to come. TIMG 4280hese trails offer a wide array of scenic and recreational opportunities, from the rugged back county of Lopez Lake to the leisurely boardwalk of the Elfin Forest with its sweeping coastal vistas. Thousands of visitors venture out to explore the trails each year, whether on foot, skates, bicycle or horse. Sometimes they leave litter in their wake; sometimes it’s just a little more wear and tear. Sometimes visitors leave nothing behind at all, but Nature leaves her own imprint in the form of a rock slide, a fallen branch across the trail or a tree root breaking through the pavement.

Trails need to be maintained if they are to remain clean and safe. We can pay higher user fees or taxes to have someoneelse do it for us, or we can volunteer some of our own time and do it ourselves. The Adopt-a-Park or Trail program provides an opportunity for the community to invest in our recreation spaces directly. It is a cooperative effort between San Luis Obispo County Parks and Recreation and the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo (ECOSLO) to recruit and train volunteers to assist in the general care and maintenance of County trails. Volunteers also help raise public awareness of how much work is involved in maintaining quality trails and the importance of keeping trails in good condition for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Getting involved is easy, just send an email to ECOSLO at: or give us a call (805) 544-1777!

Some current ECOSLO contracts include:

  • Ride Nipomo - Adoption of various trails throughout Nipomo
  • Matt Guerrero and Family - Adoption of Oceano Community Park
  • Cal Poly's Alpha Rho Chi -  Adoption of Bishops Peak Trail littler removal

Community Service

Community Service Workers Program

For over 20 years, ECOSLO has contracted with the San Luis Obispo's Superior Court's Community Service / Altnernative Work Service Program (CSW). This program allows people to work off fines for minor, non-violent offenses rather than paying the court balance. Each hour of work is equivalent to $10 paid in fines. CSWs also provide a means of reparations to the community. The program provides an opportunity to community members to learn new skills and develop a sense of caring about their community. The community, in turn, receives a valuable benefit of volunteer labor to complete environmental and social service projects. 

How to Become a Community Service Worker

1. Please fill out the Community Service Worker Agreement Form. This form can be emailed, mailed*, faxed**, or delivered*** to ECOSLO. Click here to access the Community Service Worker Agreement Form. 

2. Please fill out the Community Service Liability Release & Assumption of Risk Form. This form can be emailed, mailed*, faxed***, or delivered*** to ECOSLO. Click here to access the Community Service Liability Release & Assumption of Risk Form.

3. Submit a copy of your Court Arraignment Minute Order to ECOSLO. For out-of-county court cases, please contact ECOSLO.

4. Upon working for the program, CSWs must pay a $60 administration fee. The fee can be paid through our online payment system (you may use a credit or debit card), in cash, or by or money-order (no checks please!). ECOSLO will not report community service hours until the fee has been paid. Click the Pay Now button below to pay by PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account—once on the PayPal page, just click on the link that says “Don’t have a PayPal account?”

5. Once you have been notified to begin your work, please download the Community Service Worker Timesheet. CSWs must bring the timesheet to each organization they work for. It is the responsibility of the CSW to contact the organizations. CSWs must work at ECOSLO-approved non-profit organizations (listed below). Out-of-county cases can volunteer through ECOSLO but must self-report their hours to the appropriate court. Click here to access the Community Service Worker Timesheet.

6. Timesheet must be submitted to ECOSLO by the 14th and the 29th of every month. Please notify ECOSLO if you plan to pay the balance of your fee. 

For further questions, please contact ECOSLO at  (805) 544-1777 or email

*Please mail to ECOSLO, PO Box #1014, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

**Please fax to 805-544-1871

***Please hand deliever to 75 Higuera Street, Suite 100, San Luis Obispo

Students Looking for Community Service Hours

Local students who need community service hours that are not required by a court order, do not need to apply or pay a fee. Please call ECOSLO for opportunities or check our calendar and join us for one our workdays.

Community Service Locations

Locations in San Luis Obispo:

City of San Luis Obispo Stewards Trail Workdays

San Luis Obispo County Parks Workdays

Grass Roots II

Growing Grounds Farm

Prado Day Center

Senior Nutrition Program

San Luis Obispo County Alano Program

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Locations in Atascadero, Templeton, & Paso Robles:

Foodbank Coalition of San Luis Obispo

El Camino Homelessness Organization (ECHO)

Loves and Fishes

Partners in Equeston Therapy (P.E.T.)

Vineyard Dog Park

North County Humane Society

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Locations in Morro Bay & Los Osos:

Guerilla Gardening Program

Morro Coast Audubon Society

Small Wilderness Area Preservation (SWAP) 

Locations in Nipomo, Guadalupe, & Oceano:

Dana Adobe

Foodbank Coalition of San Luis Obispo

Guadalupe Dune Center

Rancho de Los Animales

Location in Cambria:

 Homeless Animals Rescue Team (H.A.R.T.)

Other Locations:



Thank you San Luis Obispo for voting us Best Friend to the Environment! We love this county!

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