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Sea Otter Population Recovery is Weak

Below are excepts from "What's taking a bit out of the Southern Sea Otter Recovery?" by Michael Harris, of the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. 

"Currently the Southern California Sea Otter population is not recovering as expected.

The final results are pending, but 2014 will have the highest number of dead otters recovered for a given year.

Recent work evaluating causes of sea otter mortality indicate a marked increase in the frequency of white shark attacks on sea otters...Especially in the Estero Bay and Pismo Beach areas.

Sea otters continue to face numerous other stressors impacting population recovery. Pathogens flowing from land to sea...chemical and biological pollutants...close approaching kayakers and boaters.

Sea otters are both a keystone and sentinel species. They play a primary role in shaping the habitat they occupy (keystone) and their health and population status reflects the health of their nearshore marine environment (sentinel.)

Ultimately, a cleaner healthier ocean that benefits sea otters also benefits humans because environmental health, wildlife health, and human health are all inextricably connected."

Article was written for the Central Coast State Parks Association newsletter.

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Diablo Canyon in the News


On December 3, 2014 Senator Sam Blakeslee testified before The Environment and Public Works Committee in Washington DC. His testimony (at 9minutes in) can be viewed here:

Or you can read the accompanying 28 page report: (here)


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