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Diablo Canyon in the News


On December 3, 2014 Senator Sam Blakeslee testified before The Environment and Public Works Committee in Washington DC. His testimony (at 9minutes in) can be viewed here:

Or you can read the accompanying 28 page report: (here)


Successful Lake Clean Ups

Since Septemeber, ECOSLO, in partnership with San Luis Obispo County Parks, has coordinated four very successful lake clean ups, which have removed a total of over 740 pounds of trash!. The fourth clean up will be this Saturday at Lopez Lake from 9am to noon.

The first clean up was part of Coastal Cleanup Day, on September 20th. Ranger Wemple at Lopez Lake contacted ECOSLO to join the event because he had noticed a large amount litter had accumulated on the dry parts of the lake bed and shoreline. Five volunteers assisted that day to remove over 80 pounds of trash and recyclables from the land adjacent to the lake. With every clean up since, ECOSLO has been joined by more volunteers who have been able to remove a greater amount of litter. On October 25th, twelve volunteers cleaned up over 300 pounds of trash and recyclables from Lopez Lake, and on November 15th, 35 people helped to remove over 360 pounds of litter from Santa Margarita Lake.

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Our County's lack of rain has caused the lakes to decrease dramatically in size. Lopez is currently at 42 percent capacity. The silver lining is the opportunity to gain greater access to the lake bed to remove litter that has been stuck in the mud for years. It is important to remove all the debris before too much rainfall carries the litter back into the lake. If this debris continues to exist in the natural environment, it impacts the wildlife-fish, birds, deer, etc.- who might ingest the litter, thinking it is food, which is incredibly harmful to the animals. Another large concern is that a lot of the plastic pieces found were degraded by the sun, which when picked up, crack into a hundred smaller pieces, making it near impossible to completely remove. The plastic pieces get smaller, they do not disappear, and the plastic continues to exist in the environment through the soil and the water.

ECOSLO and SLO County Parks are hoping to have an opportunity to continue these lake clean ups in the near future. Interested volunteers do not need to register for Saturday's event. Meet ECOSLO at the Lopez Lake Marina at 9:00AM. Please wear sturdy shoes, as there will likely be mud after this week's rain. All supplies will be provided.

Call Adria, Program Coordinator, at 544-1777 or email if you have any questions.

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