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A little history:
During the 1960s, environmental concerns had risen to such a level throughout the United States that government agencies were formed and grassroots community organizations sprung up across the country to protect the environment. Action spoke louder than words; people took to the streets.

In 1970 the first Earth Days took place (on the spring equinox and on April 22nd) and the EPA was created. Shortly there after, in 1971, citizens in San Luis Obispo came together to solve the flooding and pollution problems in the downtown from San Luis Obispo Creek. Out of community efforts, from all sides, a creek preservation and flood control plan was adopted and beautification of the Mission Plaza, the community’s cultural and social center, was inspired.

This cause brought a group of environmental minded folks together and the Environment Center of San Luis Obispo County (ECOSLO) was formed. In 1972, ECOSLO received its nonprofit status and immediately proceeded to create the first recycling program in San Luis Obispo County. It was the second recycling center in the state of California and for 15 years a weekly visit to the ECOSLO Recycling Center was a common occurrence for families and individuals throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Although the recycling days have slipped away, ECOSLO has continued to stay committted to its mission to preserve and protect the natural resources of San Luis Obispo County as an advocate and through its environmental programs. 

Today ECOSLO works with the City and County of San Luis Obispo to coordinate trail work days, ranger and docent-led hikes, and on the Adopt-A-Trail program.  Since 2006 ECOSLO has worked with the Coastal Commission to coordinate an annual California Coastal Cleanup Day for the Central Coast, and in early 2013 was appointed to carry out a Tsunami Debri Cleanup Day every quarter. 

Your membership or donation will ensure our ability to continue our current programs, expand our services in the future and support our ability to be an active advocate for the environment. 

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